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Number Description Assertion
1. Utils.node.prepend returns a node-like object
2. Utils.node.prependList returns undefined
3. Utils.node.append returns undefined
4. Utils.node.appendList returns undefined
5. Utils.node.remove returns a node-like object
6. Utils.node.replace returns a node-like object
7. Utils.node.clone returns a node-like object
8. Utils.node.getName returns a String
9. Utils.node.getValue returns a String
10. Utils.node.setValue returns a String
11. Utils.create.element returns an element node-like object.
12. Utils.create.text returns a text node-like object.
13. Utils.create.comment returns a comment node-like object.
14. Utils.create.documentFragment returns a document fragment node-like object.
15. Utils.classes.contains returns a Boolean.
16. Utils.classes.containsList returns a Boolean.
17. Utils.classes.add returns undefined.
18. Utils.classes.addList returns undefined.
19. Utils.classes.remove returns undefined.
20. Utils.classes.removeList returns undefined.
21. Utils.classes.toggle returns a Boolean.
22. Utils.classes.toggle returns a Boolean.
23. Utils.classes.toggleList returns undefined.
24. Utils.classes.item returns a String.
25. Utils.classes.get returns an array-like object.
26. Utils.traverse.getNodes returns an array-like object.
27. Utils.traverse.nodes returns an array-like object.
28. Utils.traverse.getElements returns an array-like object.
29. Utils.traverse.elements returns an array-like object.
30. Utils.traverse.getNodeTree returns an array-like object.
31. Utils.traverse.nodeTree returns an array-like object.
32. Utils.traverse.getElementTree returns an array-like object.
33. Utils.traverse.elementTree returns an array-like object.
34. Utils.text.get returns a String.
35. Utils.text.set returns a String.
36. Utils.ancestors.traverse returns an array-like object.
37. Utils.ancestors.get returns a linked list-like object.
38. returns a Boolean.
39. returns an array-like object.
40. returns an array-like object.
41. returns an array-like object.
42. returns a node-like object.
43. returns an array-like object.
44. returns an array-like object.
45. returns a node-like object.
46. returns a node-like object.
47. returns a node-like object.
48. returns an array-like object.
49. returns a node-like object.
50. returns an array-like object.
51. returns a node-like object.
52. returns an array-like object.
53. returns a node-like object.
54. returns an array-like object.
55. returns a node-like object.
56. returns an array-like object.
57. returns a node-like object.
58. returns an array-like object.
59. returns a node-like object.
60. returns an array-like object.
61. returns a node-like object.
62. returns an array-like object.
63. returns a node-like object.
64. returns an array-like object.
65. Utils.event.bindHandler successfully binds a native Function.
66. Utils.event.unbindHandler successfully unbinds a native Function.
67. Utils.event.addWindowListener successfully adds an event listener to a Window object.
68. Utils.event.removeWindowListener successfully removes an event listener from a Window object.
69. Utils.event.addDocumentListener successfully adds an event Listener to a Document node-like object.
70. Utils.event.removeDocumentListener successfully removes an event listener from a Document node-like object.
71. Utils.event.addElementListener successfully adds an event listener to a Body element node-like object.
72. Utils.event.removeElementListener successfully removes an event listener from a Body element node-like object.
73. Utils.event.getObject successfully returns an Event object.
74. Utils.event.getTarget successfully returns an Event's target.


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The rain in Spain is quite plain.

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Until these tunnels
Shall become our grave
We dwell with the poets
The eerie echoes
Of shameful choirs
Howl deep within here
Sounds of harm
From where the stillborn graze
Standing armed without a strategy
In a war
That never should have been declared
Eyes adapted to perpetual dawn
The trembling march of the offensive pack
With the bark of the hounds
Our final rhyme shall be composed
We await this, our time
When the foul screams of agony
Will sound through the mine.

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